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We'll make your old floors look young again. 

Ebony Hardwood Floors (before).jpg


Light Ebony

Ebony stain in Woodbine, Calgary

The main floors in this residential home was refinished and stained with a light ebony colour.


Mare's expert designers helped this homeowner match their fireplaces existing modern decor. 

Ebony Hardwood Floors (after).jpg


Stained Hardwood Floor Maple (Before).jp

Stained Maple

Maple flooring in Aspen Stone, Calgary

After the homeowner bought this property, they realized the previous owners had a large dog who scratched the floor throughout the house. 

The Mare's Flooring team was able to use dust-free sanding to remove the scratches and apply a commercial grade finish to complete the project. 



Are you ready to start your hardwood flooring project?



Refinished flooring at the West Edmonton Mall and CF Market Mall

in Calgary

The team at Mare's Flooring serviced two of Lululemon's Canada locations in these busy malls.


The team used dust-free sanding to reduce allergens and ensure a safe working environment for their employees to return to, while increasing the quality of stain with reduced dust settlement. 


Custom stairs 1.JPG


Custom Stairs

Maple flooring in Wentworth, Calgary

The team at Mare's Flooring refinished this flooring in 2018. Satisfied with the fine workmanship, the homeowner hired Mare's Flooring again to install the second floor and match the same colour.

Custom stairs 2.JPG


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