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Common Wood

The types of wood that you see most often are red oak, maple, cherry, birch, and ash.

Red Oak

Red oak is most commonly used for lumber, railroad ties, fence posts, veneer, pulpwood, fuel wood, and mine timbers. It is commonly used for furniture, trimming, boat framing, desks and flooring. Heart and sapwood are similar with sapwood being lighter in color; most pieces have a reddish tone.  - slightly redder than white oak.  - strong and flexible- durable and finishes well - resists moisture absorption

Rare Wood

Are you looking to stand out? Our rare wood types are perfect for an exotic look.

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry is a very beautiful reddish brown wood, with an interlocking grain and a golden luster or glow beneath. Brazilian Cherry is prized for its beauty and used in fine furniture and cabinetry, flooring, stair treads, parquet flooring, architectural details, highly decorative veneers, joinery and turnery.
- versatile and extremely durable
- hard, heavy and very strong wood
- steam-bends and glues well
- sought after look

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